My life this week has literally been get up, go to work, get off, eat dinner, do work for church, have 30 minutes to myself, sleep, repeat.

I want to read but my eye hurts for some reason and nothing is making it better so I’m squinting and it’s very uncomfortable and I’m also tired so I should just sleep but.

I want to read.

I need an audiobook.

Oh praise Jesus, things are working out and looking up.

It cannot seriously only be Tuesday. Dear Lord, this week is going to kill me.

Today turned out to be a really crappy day and I ended up sitting in my car crying for half an hour.

It didn’t change anything, and now I have a headache.

Boy asked me if I wanted to get coffee “sometime.”

Sometime??? When’s sometime?

I really dislike vague plans. I am a planner, especially in unfamiliar situations.

Also, I just realized he called me cute.

This is probably going nowhere, I should calm down.

Painting the kids rooms at church is going to happen soon! I’m going to pick up paint chips tonight! This is so exciting! 

It’s one of those nights where my heart hurts and it feels like it will never get better.

I’m really not handling my little sister going off to college very well.

She moves Thursday, but today was the last day I’ll see her before she goes.

I’m proud and excited for her, but I’m also sad and anxious. I know she’s gonna be fine, but my big sister protective mode is going haywire.

One last sister day before she’s off to college!

One last sister day before she’s off to college!