My mom and I don’t have the best relationship and for a long time I was shutting her out because of past hurt.

Lately, I’ve been working hard on being open and sharing my life with her, but now she’s super upset with my choices and I am reminded why I stopped doing this in the first place.


David Platt on “Heaven is for Real”

I’m procrastinating running to the store to pick up a few things for church tomorrow by cleaning my room.

This makes no sense. Cleaning my room is a much bigger task.

I have always enjoyed going places by myself. Whether it’s trying out a new church, going shopping, or hanging out at the waterfront, I am not one of those people who needs someone to go with.

But for some reason, as much as I want to go to my church’s Good Friday service, I find myself not wanting to go alone. Sure, I basically know everyone there, but it’s not the same as attending with someone.

I don’t like this feeling.




I love how book lovers reward themselves with finishing a book by buying more books. 

Sometimes we don’t even finish before buying more. We tend to congratulate our selves for buying books by buying more books. 

I really don’t need an occasion

something I’m learning


it’s really great to be straightforward with people.

one of the easiest ways to ruin relationships is getting upset that the person didn’t “read between the lines” to see that you’re hurting or upset or anxious.

tell people how you feel. really. if you’re pretending to be OK, you can’t become wounded because people can’t read your mind. 

i have such a hard time with this. 

"You’re worth it, but am I?"
Six word story, January 1, 2014 (52/365)

A kid immediately crying when they see you is never a good feeling.

I made the mistake of mentioning drinking alcohol to my mother. I honestly didn’t think she would care but her exact response was “I can’t say I approve. The Lord will just have to teach you.”

Oh goodness, I know I won’t be hearing the end of this.